Why choose an Executive Suite?

In today's competitive world, image is very important. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and so it's vital for your customers to know right away that you are fully prepared to handle their needs. An executive suite like Foxglove helps professionals put forth their best image. Here's how:
  • Appearance: Customers prefer when they can drive to your place of business and walk into your office building. Finding your company's name listed on the marquee as they enter the door, being greeted by our receptionist then meeting with you in the conference room or your suite... Foxglove Executive Suites makes these professional amenities affordable for the small business. 
  • Staff: Your business may only require one or two people to run day-to-day operations, but part of professional image is having a support staff immediately available. At Foxglove, our administrative support staff is available for certain secretarial tasks. With us, you can outsource some of these important jobs and focus on what really matters...your work and your clients.
  • Separate your home and work life: Having your office and your home separated by a short drive makes even the one-or-two-person operation feel more professional. Meanwhile, you enjoy the feeling of leaving work "at the office" when it's time to close shop for the day, freeing you to spend that quality time with your family at home.

All of these things combine to provide your business a unified, professional image--without requiring you to give up your personal touch.
"I have had an office at Foxglove for nearly ten years. I selected it largely because of its competitive price compared to other executive suites I looked at and its friendly, comfortable design of the building on a wooded lot. I like that it is situated on a neighborhood street, but still near good restaurants and retail stores. I stay because of the friendliness and responsiveness of the staff. Plus they have chocolate." -David M., attorney
"Foxglove is the perfect work setting for those who enjoy a quiet and relaxed environment, with a personal feeling, outstanding customer service, and all necessary tools readily available! I highly recommend Foxglove!" -Sari W., nonprofit executive director
"For over seven years, Foxglove has served all of our corporate and office requirements. The staff and facilities are first rate meeting all of our needs in a professional manner, with a relaxed personal environment." -Fred B., insurance group director
Contact us today to schedule a tour or find out about our current Executive Suite availabilities. Office sizes range from 130-750 square feet.